Anti-Ad Blocker – Yahoo Acquires ClarityRay This Year

September 19 23:03 2014

In this age of acquiring companies, especially with major billion-dollar corporations such as Google and Facebook, this vTargeter is no surprise that other companies are doing the same. Yahoo, which has been struggling for many years, has actually made a purchase of a Tel Aviv-based company.

Only two years old, ClarityRay has created software that has been touted as one of the best ad blocker extension programs. It is also good with security and ad fraud detection which can help keep your computer safe while you are browsing the Internet. Although very little is known about the vTargeter company itself, they have promoted ClarityRay recently. Statements issued by the company basically state that they are a company that is helping advertisers, publishers and consumers create a more eco-safe environment on the Internet.

A spokesperson for Yahoo actually told TechCrunch that they have been trying their hardest to create a more secure environment for those that utilize the Yahoo website and their services. The partners that they acquire as of late, including ClarityRay are designed to help make everything safer and better for users, and even vTargeter advertisers that are using their system.

The price of the company is not as hefty as the price tag paid for YouTube which was well over $1 billion. The price is about $25 million for the entire company which is very good for a business that is only two years old. It is Yahoo’s hope that the acquiring of this company will make it possible for users to have a much more user-friendly experience on the web. As expansions continue, and more companies begin to develop new and innovative software programs and applications, Yahoo wants to stay at the head of the race to create a better and safer online environment.

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