Avid Sport Gear proudly announces its Kickstarter campaign

September 25 07:02 2014

Toronto, Canada – Avid Sport Gear proudly announces its Kickstarter campaign ”The Coolest Steak Branding Irons” beginning  on Sept 22nd and going through Nov 7th.

The Coolest Branding Steak Irons is the newest, coolest and unique project of Vinh Nguyen and Dung Vo that is currently a kickstarter project.

Home chefs, restaurants and all people who love to cook steak and are open to innovations about their cooking can greatly be benefited by these new steak branding irons. They will not only get the product at the lowest rate, but they have been of great help to their fund campaign as well.  

Vinh Nguyen and Dung Vo have has improved steak cooking and designing with new their project namely, the Coolest Steak Branding irons. These steak branding irons are all ready to be distributed. However, they are in need of funds to improve their marketing and promotion to be able to gain more audience. If people will be willing to donate funds, they will surely be given great incentives in terms of their product. The funds collected from the campaign will make the primary running of brands and eventually, let the whole world recognize that they subsist. The more funds they produce in the primary run, the more each of their units will become cheaper. So as early as possible, while the campaign goes on, people should grab this opportunity to take advantage of their products’ special offerings. Do not let this chance pass because the opportunity happens once a while that the Coolest Steak Branding Irons are of this cheap. The product has a huge essence to bringing the steak in a much more impressive and appealing dish. They are hoping that people will support their campaign because it is not merely for their own benefit. They would also like to inspire other starting entrepreneurs and enterprises to get out of their comfort zone and release their own innovations throughout the world by means of swarm funding model. They are also asking for a small favour of sharing their campaign to people’s social media accounts so that it can gain more and more popularity and hence, an avenue to their genuine financial pledge. 

The Coolest Steak Branding Irons is encouraging all people who love to cook steak and want to impress people about their steak cooking, to take part in their campaign to raise funds for the promotion and marketing of the product.   

Vinh Nguyen, with his business partner Dung Vo, is the innovator of the Coolest Steak Branding Irons. Their main business is a machine shop which offers waterjet and wire cutting services  for local tool companies. With their long years of high experience in reverse engineering and manufacturing, people are assured this new and latest project of theirs are of high quality and can last for a lifetime, regardless of how often they will be used.  So by means of buying the product, it can greatly help them raise funds.  

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To learn more or to help support their Kickstarter campaign, please click here or visist the Avid Sport Gear website

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