Blake McIver Live launches tour at Rockwell Table & Stage

September 25 05:40 2014

Blake McIver to appear at Rockwell Table & Stage
The former child star kicks off his Time Manipulator tour in California

Blake McIver, best known for his acting turns in the likes of The Little Rascals and Full House, will be showcasing his musical skills next month.

McIver, whose music is a powerful blend of pop, soul, and gospel, is launching his debut alum The Time Manipulator at Rockwell in Los Angeles on Thursday October 2nd.

And no, music isn’t something new for the former child star.

“I started writing music when I was about nineteen and I think I always wanted to but I was sort of afraid of it and sorted of running from it”, McIver declared in a recent interview. “I knew it was an ultimate passion and sometimes the thing we are suppose to do we run from the most. When I finally sat down and started writing, I realized I had a lot of stories to tell through songs and a lot of things to say. So I kept at it and I am still going at it.”

The multi-talented entertainer has been described as having “a tremendous vocal range, and a style and artistry reserved for singers twice his age” by and has called him “mesmerizing; a singer of great range and texture.”

McIver’s sound is a throwback to greats like Elton John.

“I am really inspired by singer-songwriters”, the musician/actor said in a recent interview. “There is a lot of Elton John influence. I am also really inspired by this music of early Motown. That kind of late 50s and early 60s soul movement inspired a lot of my work.”

Who: Blake McIver

Where: Rockwell, Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

When: Thursday October 2, 8:00 PM

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