Cheap Unlock UK T-Mobile iPhone 5 and 5S iOS 7.1 Service

September 25 21:59 2014

How to Unlock UK Vodafone iPhone 5: Cheap & Fast iOS 7.x.x Unlocking Service
Factory unlock and R-SIM are two legit methods for UK T-Mobile iPhone 5S / 5 unlock with iOS 7.x.x support.
Cheap Unlock T-Mobile iPhone 5 and 5S iOS 7.1 Service

How to Unlock UK T-Mobile iPhone 5: Cheap & Fast iOS 7.x.x Unlocking Service

Customers often get a locked Apple smartphone because the unlocked device is several times more expensive then the locked gadget. Being locked means to rely on one network, its data plans, pricing policy and rules when you have no other choice. If your  Vodafone  iPhone 5 is locked to UK Vodafone you cannot connect to A&T network or Verizon if you are in the U.S. You can’t insert O2, Orange, Vodafone SIM or any other SIM because your smartphone will not get the signal.

R-SIM 9, R-SIM 8, R-SIM Mini and R-SIM Air are the card unlocking tool sold online. It is created in China and can unlock your UK T-Mobile iPhone 5 and 5S with iOS 7.xx firmware. The process is mostly automotive. You insert this R-SIM into your device and point to your carrier. You will see a list of available networks. Scroll through it and choose T-Mobile. If you are trying to unlock a different handset locked to different carrier which is not present in the list you should enter its IMSI number [7 or 8 digits].

Factory IMEI unlock is another popular method that can unlock UK Vodafone  iPhone 5 and 5S iOS 7.x.x and other firmware versions / basebands. It depends on your IMEI [15-digit code that is unique to each smartphone]. There are some things you must know before you apply and pay for your order. Also you can unlock iPhone locked to O2 and  3 Three Hutchison United Kingdom Mobile Carrier 

Firstly, IMEI unlocking service works for clean handsets. You can’t be blacklisted or barred. You should be also activated the device with the network it is originally locked to. There is a good and fast way to learn this information: through iPhone network check online method. It will give you all the additional things about the device. Choose 

Secondly, it is good for all iOS firmwares, not only iOS 7.1. or iOS 7.1.2

Thirdly, this is a universal tool that provides permanent unlock with lifetime guarantee. You can restore, update, backup using iTunes and always be unlocked. The service is affordable and fast. It will make you SIM-free.

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