Crime against Women Increases Massively in India; Footpath Dweller Raped in Kolkata

December 24 17:29 2013

rapeKolkata, Tuesday, December 24 – Safety measures for the protection of women in India seem absolutely inappropriate in the current scenario, making the country as an unsafe place to reside.

The nation was in shock with the rape incident, which took place in Haryana during the weekend, when five cops raped and exploited a 17 year old girl at the gun point in Chandigarh. Before the Indian residents would have digested the news, another rape incident in Kolkata frightened them, leaving everyone in deep concern about the safety of their children inside and outside the household premises.

A teenager was supposedly raped in a taxi in core of Park Street area of Kolkata. In Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road region, the footpath dweller was raped by a youngster Mohammed Anwar. Although the cops have taken the accused into custody, but increasing rape cases have raised signs of worry at different states. Despite a probe into the issue has been instigated, to check out allegations against the accused, yet unsafe environment for the girls in various regions of India have augmented the ratio of fear among females, especially those who are staying away from their families to pursue a good career and chase their dreams.