Daytime Diva Describes Dismissal from Long-running Drama

September 18 20:42 2014
Indie author Patrick Brown has released his second book Tossed Off the Edge, a clever and hilarious sendup of the celebrity tell-all genre.

Covina, CA, USA (September 18, 2014) — Famous soap opera diva Sheila Wozniak has just been fired from the long running daytime drama The Edge of Conflict, and without any job prospects, she “hires” Patrick Brown as a ghost writer to tell the world all about her private life.

Brown, whose first novel was Moral Ambiguity (2011), is a master storyteller, and he has found a home in the faux tell-all format. From the book: “Regina Knight Harrison Donavan Taylor Donavan McDonald McDonald Woodward Merriweather Todd’s funeral was held on channel seven at 1:00 p.m. local time in every time zone across the country. If you had ever watched daytime TV between 1970 until her demise, you couldn’t have missed her. She was blond and dramatic, and she had been shot, paralyzed, kidnapped, raped and tortured numerous times. On her better days, she had given or received a number of internal organs, suffered heart attacks and endured a radical mastectomy… In spite of all the difficulties, Regina maintained a strong faith in the power of love. She was a one-man woman in spite of having been married nine times to seven different husbands who got younger and younger as Regina aged.

Brown, once a great fan of daytime dramas, admits that he hated to see these long-running shows disappear from the television landscape. “I knew families where multiple generations paused each day to keep up with the lives of their favorite characters. When ABC cancelled my favorite of all of them, I was stunned. Inspired by a colleague who was quite dramatic herself, I decided to create Sheila as the ultimate diva who could provide readers with the juicy back story of her life as a long-running actress adored by fans and despised by her family and co-workers.”

The fact that Miss Sheila Wozniak may have addiction issues only adds to the hilarity when she provides anecdotes from her life that blur into her plot lines as well as those from classic films and television shows. And for those who thrive on an actor’s conflicts with ungrateful children, readers won’t be disappointed since Miss Wozniak is under the impression that Mommie Dearest was intended to be a guide to raising children.


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