Decorate Home with Plants and Stay Healthy

November 15 05:26 2013

plant Friday, November 15 – It is a human desire to own a home where happiness of the world can be found. As soon as one ends up his search finding an ideal home, the new challenge comes in front and that is regarding its decoration. There have been innumerable decorating materials in the market help in beautifying each corner of the house, be it Ganesha Idol, wind chimes, wall papers, lamps, lanterns, chandelier, printed curtains, photo frames and racks. However, if someone hasn’t tried placing plants in the living room and other parts of the house, then he must go with this option now. Houseplants are useful not only for enhancing gorgeousness of the residence, but also for purifying inside air.

• Feng Shui Bamboo Plant :

Feng Shui bamboo plants are easily available in the market. For the reason that they bring vibrant, positive energy from nature, these are best possible cures for any indoor space. These plants require minimal care and last for longtime. You can have bamboo plants in several layers. One to three layers are best sellers. Plant them in cute pot and change its water at least twice a week.

• Money Plant :

Money Plant brings life and color to the house. If cared properly, it grows at a good speed, enhancing entire prettiness of the place. It nurtures green color amazingly. Epipremnum aureum, Lunaria annua, Crassula ovata and Pilea peperomioides are few of the varieties of money plant. These small plants are supposed good for friendship and considered lucky plants. Dark green leafs, mostly a tad circular in shape, look absolutely brilliant. Apart from placing them in the living room, these plants can be put in the kitchenette areas as well.

• Aloe Vera :

Aloe vera plants are not seen commonly in each household but one must try to have an aloe plant. Its planting is free from complications and even grows rapidly. If you have a kitchen where proper sunlight comes, then picking aloe vera is one of the smartest choices. It cleans the air and beside this, the gel hidden inside the plant helps in curing accidental cuts and burns.

• English Ivy :

English ivy is the real room decorator. The beauty it hides behind thick leave structure plays major role in taking charm of the home at its peak. Its planting in small pots and hanging pots are best. English ivy keeps on growing at ideal speed, adding attractiveness of the residence.

• Bamboo Palm :

Splendor lies in the leaves of bamboo palm, a houseplant that needs low-maintenance. It works magnificently well in taking away formaldehyde from the air. What all it needs is direct sunlight for a few hours and water on a regular basis.

• Spider plant :

Prefer having a spider plant for your home as it fights benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene, which are dangerous for health. Its rich foliage and little white flowers add to the loveliness of the house.

• Peace lily:

Peace lily purifies the impure air of the house. To protect it from germs and bacteria, leaves of this houseplant should be cleaned or washed after certain internal of time. Plant this gorgeous flowering shrub inside the house to fight formaldehyde, which is generally released from plywood and foam insulation.

Red-edged dracaena, Weeping fig, Rhododendron simsii Gerber daisy, Lady palm, Snake plant, Rubber plant, Golden pothos, Chrysantheium morifolium are also some other finest houseplant options. These plants brighten look of the house stunningly, bringing in positive vibes. Its planting in hanging baskets & low planters or as topiary is the best option of home decoration.

Generally, chemicals from building materials, furniture and room fresheners make air of the house toxic. But when houseplants are placed inside the room and in corridors, air around you becomes healthy. These are helpful in minimizing respiratory and neurological problems. Make an appropriate selection of plants for residence as they facilitate you with quality air. Make your breathing comfortable at home with these houseplants that add inimitable living beauty with frondescence and flowers.