Delihities Enjoy Diwali with Noisy Crackers

November 05 06:24 2013

Diwali crackersNew Delhi, November 5 – The weekend came along with the joy of festival Diwali, which is actually called as festival of lights. However, keeping in mind the noise and pollution on this day, it should ideally be renamed as festival of crackers, noise and pollution. Those who are suffering from some sort of respiratory issues and asthma had a tad difficult time in the view of the fact that levels of toxic sulphur dioxide (SO2) arrived to a fresh extreme.

As compared to its range of 20 – 88 a year ago, sulphur dioxide pollutants came in the range of 35 – 114 that is dangerously high for human beings, increasing cause for worry on the environment and surroundings in which we live.

Amongst the various areas of New Delhi, Punjabi Bhag was the one that observed utmost impact of this harmful gas. Several of the possible dangers developing from the release of sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere are directly associated to how it acts in response with further materials. Apart from just the danger increased by various harmful gases like SO2, particulate matter 10, particulate matter – 2.5, Carbon monoxide and Nitrogen Oxide, noise levels were also at the peak, especially at several institutional areas of the city.

With extensive use of firecrackers across various regions of Delhi and NCR, patients suffering from asthma hit badly in view of the fact that levels of SO2 scaled to 1.4 times the safe limit. Not only this, pollution created by excessive burning of firecrackers caused low perceptibility at Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi.

Tragic end : In the face of several warnings related with safe burning of crackers, a young aged man from Ghaziabad breathed his last at Sufdarjung Hospital due to severe burns. Apart from this, nearly 165 people were taken to burns unit of the hospital, having injuries caused during Diwali festival.