Diwali’s Over, What’s Now!

November 05 08:28 2013

diwali smogNovember 5 – The five -day long festival of Diwali has now entered into the final day of celebration with Bhai Dooj, festivities & ceremonies of which are same as that of Raksha Bandhan. People have enjoyed a lot during the festival of lights and this gets proved as soon as focus is paid over the amount of pollutant released in the atmosphere due to too much lighting crackers throughout the weekend.

Although there have been various advertisements on the television guiding to pay attention mainly on lighting diyas or the candles, such as Coca -cola TV commercial – ‘do diye jyada jalao’, yet a lot of us seemed inclined towards bursting crackers, making the surroundings absolutely unhealthy for all the living beings, be it human, animals or birds.

It is the nature of human beings that we love to do things as per our wish and desires. If huge attraction lies in lighting a candle or making traditional rangolis at our homes, office premises or the shops, then we do it with utmost enjoyment and if attention lies in bursting crackers, then we do not even think over the unnecessary spending of money. The only hunt in such situation is for crackers with loud noise producing elements.

Despite the fact that all of us know pros and cons of lighting crackers, yet we hate being at the back foot when it comes to say no to bursting crackers. We have learnt in our school days that crackers are a huge source of releasing lethal gases into the environment that may cause severe health issues and respiratory problems; yet how many of us try to celebrate Diwali just by lighting or residences and place of work with traditional lamps and diyas! Without a doubt – just a few!

Crackers although add fun portion and also has historical significance but it should be done in limit. However, the joy what one gets via distributing sweets to relatives or needy people and lighting more of lights on Diwali festival is beyond comparison.

Unsafe bursting of crackers is also responsible for taking innumerable human lives every year and causing burn injuries to the people. In New Delhi only, the capital of India, 165 people were admitted to hospitals this Diwali due to minor or severe burn injuries due to lighting crackers. The number alone is highest in the nation in terms of reported injuries. Dangerous gases released from rocket, chakri, fuljhari, anar and sutli bomb hit badly patients suffering from asthma. Smog released by these crackers is even accounted for reducing visibility at various airports and railway junctions.

Last but not the least, money what one spends on buying crackers can suitably be allocated in other works as well. If truth to be told, then the sums spend by people all across the nation to purchase wide array of crackers can be utilized in feeding several hungry stomachs with tasty food. Choice is totally up to your wish; whether you want to create an unhealthy environment for yourself and coming generations or a happy world by exchanging sweets and happiness.