Election Nears; Parties Put Efforts to Impress Voters

November 07 06:16 2013

electionNovember 7 – General Election of 2014 is not too far and keeping this in mind, various big and small parties are trying to put all their efforts in front in order to impress good numbers of voters who play indispensable role in changing the current scenario of the politics by casting their votes in favor of the parties and its candidates that seem best in terms of work, their role in development and responsibility carrying capability.

Every party is trying to put their best forward. Most of them are busy in vote bank politics and for this, they are not leaving any stone unturned to fetch the attention of voters whose votes decide the future of the nation and the ruling party as well.

Since, not too much time is left for the coming elections and that is why leaders of various constituencies are attempting to lessen down the distance between them and the voters of their voting areas. Leaders and candidates of various political parties like Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress, Aam Admi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Nationalist Congress Party and so on are giving their best to establish once again healthy communicate face – to –face with the mango people. For doing so, they are personally visiting various places of the country.

If we talk just about the capital city New Delhi, then a lot of candidates who were unseen in past 4 to 5 years are all set to put long lasting impressions on the common mob. Construction work can be seen all around the city. Somewhere roads are getting constructed and at some places, they are trying to remove problems like power & water shortage. Undoubtedly these tasks are performed so to let voters know that what sort of developments have been done in their ruling phase.

But perhaps, candidates have forgotten that general public has turned smarter, sincere and truthful. They know who is fooling around and who has actually imparted his role in the progress of their area being a leader. They are going to cast their votes in the favor of that party only, candidate of which has helped them at the time of need.

Apart from construction issues, inflation has led down hopes of the people all across the nation. Sometimes it is skyrocketing rates of vegetables like onion, tomato, potato, coriander & even chilies and sometimes it is inflating rates of petrol, diesel and gas prices that bother mob of different classes, be it poor, middle or the higher ones. In past 2 to 3 months, inflation has been at its peak and people are disappointed that instead of coming to a working solution, government and non-ruling parties kept on blaming each other.

Coming election is going to be very interesting, considering how candidates of different parties successfully motivate voters to cast their votes and support their parties. Since citizens haven’t found the way out of inflation, casting of votes is anticipated to be done wisely, taking into account the problems faced by them due to skyrocketing inflation which has made their life difficult and troublesome.