Excessive TV Watching Ends Up with Intense Headache, Says Study

September 19 18:10 2014

TV ViewingNew Delhi, Friday, September 19 – People who have continuously been complaining about experiencing mild or intense pain in the head while working must keep an eye over their habit of watching TV. If a recent research is to be trusted then heavy TV viewers might end up with this problem and could face many other health issues as compared to those who open their TV sets for an hour or two to get themselves entertained or know news updates.

In view of the fact that many viewers forget to blink their eyes frequently while seeing live telecast of cricket, football or hockey matches, extreme soreness is felt in the eyeballs. Sometimes people do not get to see quality stuffs on the small screen but still they keep on sitting in front of TV that creates unbearable headache. This is simply because mind gets the signal from within that something uninteresting and dull is being watched. And when daily soaps or films with unexciting storyline are telecasted, one doesn’t enjoy sticking to that stuff anymore but still does it just for the sake of knowing what’s going on in the new TV series.

Monotony brings the sickness feel which is made worst by acute headache. People must try to get out of the idiot box’s attraction and wander outside to let some fresh air get it. Natural sights, greenery and chirping birds can give utmost relaxation to mind, body and soul, putting a ceiling on all the stress and pain, the study revealed further.