Famous Italy oil painting of church from Modena of Italy has been stolen

September 26 20:46 2014

Sep 26, 2014 – Italy – The news from famous online canvas prints china wholesale seller printedoilpainting.com told us that, on August 17, the famous giant painting the virgin Mary and saint Shi Re which had been created by 7th century Italian baroque artist Guerra Kino in 1639 has been stolen in the northern city of Modena, Italy, SAN WenQin church. This should be very sadly news for this church and the related collector from this famous Italy oil painting.

As the description of editor from this canvas prints dropship online platform, this famous old oil painting is about 9 feet long and six feet and the value of this wide giant oil painting could be worth around 5 million pounds. From the appearance viewing, this oil painting is a magnificent single altar painting and it was also important work for Kino transformation from the early stage to the mature period. That is why this oil painting could be more valuable than many other oil painting of this famous Italy artist.

According to introducing, the church where store this oil painting unable to insure the painting and the alarm device for this oil painting in this church is deactivated due to shortage of money. After this situation, the mayor of the city of Modena ordered relevant departments to immediately begun to investigate and try their best to recover the stolen oil painting. Te mayor also claimed that the incident should be the disgrace to all of people from Modena. Some professional investigators analysis that this theft event could be entrusted by collectors and this painting is considered to be one of the great masterpiece of famous Italy artist Kino. Because this oil painting is too famous, this painting is hard to be sold on the opening market of world. This is also main reason why this oil painting could be stolen.

The editor from famous China online platform for China canvas prints also introduces with people the introduction of this oil painting’s artist. As one of Italy’s most influential baroque painter, Kino created 106 church altar painting during his life time. Nowadays, if people want to own the famous online painting from this famous Italy artist, please do not hesitate to choose China canvas prints online seller printedoilpainting.com which will provide with people high quality and cheap price canvas prints.

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