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September 19 22:00 2014

Sep 19, 2014 – China – We believe most of people have heard about or even use the waterproof smart phone or the tough tablet. These kinds of smart phone or tablet PC have better performance for waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. The related products from famous online seller www.leeline-cctv.com have these related factors. When it refers to these products, most of people should have the commonly puzzle about how could the official divide the waterproof level of these waterproof smart phone or tablet PC? Today, the article from website leeline-cctv.com will tell people these waterproofing levels.

The waterproof level of these special smart phones should be the so called concept IPX. The related IPX waterproof rating standard could be arranged from zero to eight which is the international industrial waterproofing standard and Japan industrial standard JIS. The following information is the related requirement of each waterproof level.

The Level zero is the meaning that this electrical device does not have any waterproof function.

The Level one stands for that the smart phone or the waterproof tablet pc can eliminate the harmful effects of the vertical dropping water.

The waterproofing Level two refers to that the device has very good waterproofing function for the water drop from vertical direction and 15 degrees of falling water droplets.

The Level three refers to that the smart phone or waterproof android tablet can eliminate the adversely effect of the water spray droplet which fro vertical direction and 60 degrees direction.

The grade four mean that the smart phone can eliminate the harmful effects of splash water droplets from different directions from the around environment.

The Level five stand for that the water proof smart phone could eliminate the harmful effects of nozzle jet flow for each direction.

The level is mean that it can eliminate the harmful effects of nozzle powerful jet flow for each direction.

Level seven represent that the device could be putted at the 0.15-1 m distance from the surface of water for 30 minutes and the performance of the phone will not be affected and without the risk of leakage.

The level eight means that the smart phone could be putted into the water which depth is 1.5 to 30 meters for 30 minutes and the performance will not be affected.

Therefore, if people could look the related waterproof products from website leeline-cctv.com, they will find that most of their products could reach to the water proofing level 7 or 8. Nowadays, people should be very difficult to find such high quality waterproof tablet or smart phone like them.

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