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September 19 01:49 2014

Sep 18, 2014-Ukraine-From the introduction of editor from famous online wood watches online seller, recently, a group of elegant pure wood watch has been made by one of Ukraine carpenter whose name is Riley.

It is reported from that Riley has become favored for wood products at an early age. When he was at school, he created 3 meters high guitar by wood materials and the strings for this guitar are the original human hair. As the growth of the age, his skills become more and more exquisite. He started his career by assembling the reorganization of wood and then he learned the tiny wood products processing and carving. Today, he learnt the mechanical processing and manufacturing of the products.

By the basis of the skill improvement and enhancing, Riley sculptured and created many exquisite craft handmade watches in the year of 2005. He took a long time to choose the appropriate wood material because the wood components will be easy broken. Until three years later, he only finished the first pure ceramic watch by his own hand.

Riley said that the birch is the first choice for the production of wood watch because the birch has very strong toughness. Of course, he also can choose imported timber, such as pine and bamboo. Each kind of wood watch which carved by different kinds of wood material has its unique beauty. The wood watch not only has elegant appearance and it also has very powerful functions. On the other hand, the error of the wooded watch will not more than 5 minutes per day. If people do not believe these points, they could visit website of famous wood watches online seller to know more information about these products. Because of Riley’s unique contribution in clocks and watches production, he was inducted to join designers association of the world at last year.

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