Give Your Dreams Wings to Fly with Extreme Determination to Attain Goal

September 24 14:53 2014

working peopleNew Delhi, Wednesday, September 24 – Life without an aim is worthless. If truth be told, there is no meaning of one’s existence on the globe if nothing specific is achieved. Just think about the country’s situation if students stop working hard and give up chasing their dreams to be a scientist, engineer, lawyers, doctor, management & business professionals or writers! The entire economy would tumble if people stop accomplishing their duties with hundred percent efforts.

Bigger targets are attained only when victories are registered in school or college. In contrast, there are many people in our society who have never been into any educational institute but have successfully set benchmarks and examples for others to follow. Not only this, they showed ray of hope to many persons and became huge source of inspiration. The thing that keeps boosting confidence of the populace and motivates them to be noticeable is self-belief. From time to time, people must pat their shoulders if they emerge as a victor in various small or bigger task. Dreaming for something unachievable can also end up with positive results but for this, skills and tools are to be sharpened.

Needed items, books, journals etc. must to be collected and thoroughly studied if inhabitants actually want to turn their dream into reality. Right direction is to be followed otherwise things may go off track. Dreams get wings to fly only at the moment when one is eager to standout and follow the measures which could actually be rewarding in the future.

Thinking bigger is fair enough but small steps that are taken to achieve key objectives being a student, homemaker, social worker or office goer can’t be ignored. They are of equal importance as that of the humongous ones. Those who respect time never fail in life. This is the reason why all the decided jobs must be finished with definite time frame. The habit of postponing important task for another day must be left as early as possible.

Try to be capable of weaving magic with creative ideas and implement them during work. Keep encouraging yourself as this is imperative to leave footprints in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of residents. Key to accomplishment lies in the methods of preparation. So, before jumping to the sky to touch the stars, a deep thought over different aspects and unmatched efforts are required to be paid. Instead of thinking about success and failures prior to starting the assignment, it is always better to be determined to achieve the target and ready to face challenges.