Healthy Food Guide: Humans Best Friend

November 07 07:37 2013

food chartNovember 7 – It has rightly been said that a good and healthy food is the best friend of human being since it maintains metabolism in the body and keeps in preserving body equation correctly. Even though most of us know about the nutritional contents found in different sorts of vegetables, fruits and grains, yet only a few people are able to consume the required amount due to gorging stomach with lots of items. Overeating is one of the common problems of human beings. We do not hesitate in disturbing our digestive system by consuming great quantity of food that lifts up our taste buds and gives immense pleasure.

This is absolutely wrong practice as in order to normalize the dyspepsia, which is called as indigestion or upset stomach in the layman language, people switch over a lot of home remedy options and rely on instant relief providing medicines. Why to create unnecessary trouble for yourself with overdose of eatables? Prepare a food guide of your own, keeping in mind individual tastes and food choices, or buy a magazine or book that can direct you in best possible ways regarding healthy food habits.

Even better is the option to make a collection of recipes published regularly in various newspapers. Try making them one by one on different days so to satisfy your hunger for best food items. Various healthy recipes generally involve full nutritional information, keeping forward good meal options. Guidance of expert chefs can make you stay in the best of health, leaving behind worries related with daily problems that occur usually with bad food habits.

Make your kitchenette a spot of healthy substances, be it raw, half cooked or fully cooked eatables. An effort to create a dish of your own is the best alternative and it is because of the fact, you can add-on or reduce quantity of ingredients according to your taste and likings. Tried and tested nutritious recipes of the kitchen help in maintaining balance of the body, along with digestive system.

Rather than having fad diets, focus on healthy items that boost strength and stamina. Add nuts and dry fruits like almond, walnuts, peanuts, raisins, etc in your diet. Consumption of olives, coconut, leafy veggies, corn, milk, curd, soyabean, cheese, butter, cereals, rice, fruits and oil in required quantity is best. Following a few of these steps would surely help you fetch the idea how to live a strong and contended life. So, what to wait for? Act as a personal dietitian for yourself and the family if you actually have the knowledge of good food habits and ratio of nutritional values in various products. Say no to smoking and drinking as these habit cut down years from human life. Go for some fitness exercise and stay happy and fit.