History and developing of the still oil painting of Europe

September 27 00:42 2014

Sep 26, 2014 – Italy – The still life oil painting is crucial part of the oil painting culture. It has very long history and development process and most of these art lovers will have fully interesting about this information. Now, this article from the famous China photo to painting wholesale online platform www.refinegallery.com will introduce with people related knowledge about this.

The earliest still life oil painting reproduction could be dated back to the ruins of Pompeii in Italy. The still life oil painting reach to its peak at 17 century and it had emerged a large number of famous painters. From Naples to Flanders, still life becomes flourished. Among them, the skill of the still oil painting was especially good in the Netherlands which has been called as little Dutch painting. As the time goes on, the still life oil painting gradually developed into the teaching system of the college. During 19th to 20th century, the art colleges and universities all over the world has introduced the still life oil painting into the classroom teaching.

From the perspective of art teaching, due to the still life is stationary, it should be easy for beginners painting students to observe and study the laws of modeling, simple sense composition rules and other factors. This will conducive to students’ mastery of the art of painting. Because the painting for still life has very stable light, the shape and color of the still life will be very clear and student can draw their painting for a period of time. Therefore, painting the still life could not can improve the students’ skill, but also can improve their painting quality and inspire their aesthetic appeal. This could help to make them be possible to a higher realm of art.

The editor from famous Vincent Van Gogh painting online platform Refine Gallery said that the good still life oil painting is also good communication for the country and nation’s productivity development level and life habits. Such as still life in the period of the Netherlands, which had painted exquisite realistic, wine vessels and seafood that had been shown in the drawing make people feel the Netherlands’s high degree of material civilization and excellent level of metal manufacturing process and glass manufacturing process. On the other hand, they could also reflect the noble life. In addition, due to the different countries’ still life painting will have different props so it could show with people the style habits and cultural differences in different countries. So it can be said that people can learn the development of human society from the still life oil painting.

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