Humidity, Intense Heat by Sept-End Create Obstacle for Delhiites to Enjoy Upcoming Festivals to the Fullest

September 23 14:36 2014

summer new1New Delhi, Tuesday, September 23 – Nothing could have been worse for the Delhi residents than to lead their lives in a hot and sultry summers even in the month of September, which is ideally considered best period for the rains to occur. The prayers for precipitation weren’t answered this year except only for a few occasions, leaving people to be worried of the climatic conditions they are going to face next month.

Undoubtedly, summer seems to be stretching at the present. Despite the fact that Sept has entered into its final week, no relief from scorching heat is observed up till now. Problem could be bigger if almost same scenario lasts by the mid-October. The weather cycle seems to be changing with each passing year. Not going too far but just a decade ago, winter season would knock at the door by early October and end by March. That means the spell of cold climate used to stay for almost 6 months! In this day and age, story is totally different. The first chill of soothing weather is now felt by late November and people get the idea how summers are going to be in further period post witnessing severe heat early March.

The change in cycle is definitely not a good sign especially for the generations to come. Not only the capital but also other states reel under unbearable heat wave during peak summer season, which restricts populace to stay indoors as long as possible. Kids keep waiting for clock to tick 5 or 6 pm so that they can go out and enjoy their play. Office goers face huge trouble during this period as they have to reach their work places on the dot, to accomplish daily chores and meet the deadlines. Homemakers try to get the needed stuffs for food preparation post noon. All in all, faces of problems are different but everyone looks forward to optimal solution to manage their existence in a pleasant surroundings.

Even though Navratri festival is to start after a couple of days, followed by Dussehra, Dhanteras and Diwali, yet residents are left with no option but to mull over the tactics, which can help them make all arrangements related with upcoming celebration absolutely perfect. Most of the customers are unable to go out of their premises to purchase required items in early hours thanks to intolerable sunrays. The maximum temperature during the noontime today will be 36 degree Celsius, with humidity of 32 percent – which will hit final nail in the coffin. The only respite is probable to be brought by the wind that will blow at the speed of 24 km per hour. For next few days, Delhiites would have to bear the burnt as there is no probability of rain to occur.