India’s Mission Mars Starts; Mangalyaan Launches from Sriharikota

November 05 09:26 2013

SriharikotaNovember 5 – Country’s unmanned journey to the red planet, mars, began just a few minutes ago. All eyes were on the news floating on the news channels that were doing the live coverage from Sriharikota. ISRO geared up to launch orbiter at 2:38 PM from Sriharikota that is designed with the motto to detect presence of methane on mars. The blast off was scheduled at 2:38 pm and it was launched successfully at the scheduled time only.

The total expenses involved in mission mars, which launched today at mid-afternoon from Sriharikota, cost 4.5 billion and anticipated to arrive at mars orbit next year in the month of September.Total weight of the orbiter is 1350 kg including 850 kilograms of fuel. PSLV lifted off with mars orbiter spacecraft onboard.

Next 40 minutes after the launch are crucial as it will decide the fate of ‘Mangalyaan’. With this launch, India endeavors to join elite league of Europe, America and Russia. Mangalyaan finally started its 485 million mile voyage to the Mars. Narendra Modi congratulated all technicians and scientists who imparted their roles in ‘mission mars’.