Is Heavy Use of Air Conditioners Making Environment Warmer?

September 19 18:55 2014

acsNew Delhi, Friday, September 19 – It is a common scenario in India that whenever people start discussing in groups, they talk everything in detail. How the new government is doing at the present, higher tuition fees in renowned colleges or schools, inflating rates of household goods, rising cases of eve-teasing, global warming etc. are some of the topics that are commonly being discussed by the masses. There is nothing wrong to talk about these stuffs and evaluate everyone’s work from their own perspective but when a number of things are to be done by them to contribute a bit good for the society’s welfare, attendance automatically decreases.

Excessive use of cars and other means of transportation are causing huge damage to the environment. If truth be told, we are going to give a completely polluted surrounding to the coming generations, who will have to pour extra efforts to find a safer place for their survival that is clean and not contaminated. The way air conditioners are being highly fitted in a number of households and corporate houses, it would not be easy to stay outdoors for a long time. A few might not visualize the actual picture how our surrounding will be if ACs are used for several hours in a day, but there would be no escape by the time they will get to know about its hazard.

At what extent air conditioner makes surroundings warm can only be understood when one stands outside the room. It is very difficult to bear the warm air even for a minute and remain standing in the nearby area where AC has been installed. Probably, you might have noticed that it is not as easy to have a swift walk in the street markets and purchase desired stuffs as it used to be a few years ago. This is just because many shopkeepers have installed bigger air conditioners, which though keep almost each corner of the room cool but do vice-versa on the outside. Moreover, some of the harmful gases are released by a few air conditioning systems which could destroy the ozone, creating trouble for the living creatures in one way or the other. Before things go out of control, it would be wiser to sit for a while and think what measures to be taken so that facilities can be availed without affecting the environment.