Is Selfie Fever Gripping Young Generation at a Faster Pace?

September 18 17:23 2014

selfiesNew Delhi, Thursday, September 18 – Selfie, a term that gained huge popularity in the past one year, has caught everyone’s eye. It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that selfie fever has gripped the masses, especially youngsters. The way school and college goers have started posting photographs on social networking sites is beyond one’s imagination. The trend of clicking oneself with a smartphone or other technology tools is increased a lot and this proves people are now so keen to make others see them from time to time and at various locations.

If fact to be jotted down, the masses are getting self-centered. The moment a snapshot is clicked, they get eager to show it to the entire world. The only thing they want after uploading the pictures is maximum likes and comments. The more they get, the happier they become. The burning question that arises here is – does the young generation gets immense happiness when others praise their smile, personality, lively attitude or happy-go-lucky approach? Is this just the purpose of their survival on this planet?

Without a doubt, mobile phones and tablets have brought revolutionary change in our lives. Modern technology has imparted huge role in bringing huge convenience in regular routine. The ease to have a look in the life of loved ones through videos, images and updates is certainly commendable, but at the same time, excess of anything can’t be praised. The moment a user signs in his social media account, the first thing what he prominently sees is a number of selfies. Not only the common mob but also renowned celebrities aren’t able to keep themselves away from the charm of clicking pictures of their own from personal camera.

This is adequate to tell how new trends are completely taking over the previous fashions, which were used to be elegant and a bit private. At the present, none seems willing keep anything secret be it relationship status or personal details. There is nothing bad to change with time as it has rightly been said those who fail to walk shoulder to shoulder with new generation are left far behind, however, a good life waits for everyone beyond social networking. If people really crave for building healthy relationship with loved ones, then it would be far better to meet them weekly or monthly.