It’s Time to Change Attitude and Mentality

November 06 08:09 2013

maidNovember 6 – Just a day ago, a domestic help at the residence of a BSP MP was found dead. For inquiring more on this crime, Dhananjay Singh, the MP, and his wife Jagriti Singh, who is dentist by profession, were arrested on Tuesday. Although the MP told his own story that his maid died after skidding from the stairs, yet police is suspecting something else behind it after seeing the injury marks on the body of 35 –year –old Rekha.

As per latest reports, Jagriti has been cruel towards her employees. Beating and hitting workers were a few of her common habits. Besides these merciless practices, she even asked her domestic helps to stay in extreme sunlight for several hours.

This is not just an incident to cite about cruelty borne by poor and needy fellows by high class people. Earlier also, a few popular names came into the limelight in this regard and one among them was B-town actor Shiney Ahuja, who was sentenced to jail for seven years for raping his maid.

If all these practices were done in reality, then what do they actually signify? Are human beings turning crueler than animals? Instead of having a remorse feeling on these incidents, several people having maids and other workers at their residences and offices start getting more strict towards them. Why do we forget that every living creature realizes pain equally?

Life is not easy for anyone but life is even tougher for those who belong from a poor class families. In spite of working 24 * 7, only a few counted sums are earned by them in which they have to manage all sorts of monthly expenses which is undoubtedly a challenging task alone.

On one hand, we search for maids who can accomplish all our household chores in no time and that too, with utmost cleanliness and on the other hand, we are at the front foot scolding them as soon as we see any sort of mistake done from their end. Change the mentality man! It is actually too much. If someone is not satisfied by work done by domestic help, then better is the option to finish it by your own. Why to complicate the things. Beating, hitting is not a working solution.

Paying someone for the work he does at your home does not mean at all that you can compel maid, cook or other domestic help to finish things according to your need and likings. Confining housemaids or servants inside the house as a punishment is even barbarous. No law gives us the freedom to do such malpractices.

It is never too late to change ourselves and give a halt to the wrong doings. Better is to change attitude towards the people who are working at your home so to make your and even their life easy and convenient. Opt a little bit polite behavior and give them reward for better work by incrementing their salaries. Things will change sooner and world would be a better place to live.