Jodie Foster made impression on Hollywood up-and-comer O’Bryant

September 25 00:54 2014

Kelvin O’Bryant
Star of TV’s Table Manners recalls working with the actress on a 2002 movie

There’s a reason Hollywood legend Jodie Foster has remained so obstinately popular and so extraordinarily admired by her peers throughout the years – she makes time for everyone.

One of Foster’s co-stars recalls just how approachable the Academy Award Winner was on the set of the 2002 film Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.

Kelvin O’Bryant, one of the stars of the new sitcom Table Manners, says Foster was irrefutably gracious to him on the Peter Care directed movie.

“I remember her being extremely approachable. One time, we were shooting in the parking lot of a grocery and some women from the bakery brought her a cake with her name on it. The gracious way Jodie thanked them and accepted the gift was amazing to watch. Her humility is off the charts. She was professional on set, but also had fun with everybody. She is such an amazing woman.”

O’Bryant says there’s no question why Foster has remained so well-liked by Hollywood.

“It is crystal clear why she is so revered in Hollywood. She has A-list talent, but more than that she is just a great person to be around. I couldn’t find a bad thing to say about her if I tried.”

Foster also showed O’Bryant that it’s good to be versatile, and not to pigeonhole yourself in this industry.

Though mostly known for his dramatic work in the likes of The Unit and Midnight Meat Train, O’Bryant recently shifted gears into comedy – and it’s stuck.

“I never fully trusted my comedic ability until recently. I would have good sitcom auditions, but it wasn’t until I started to believe in, and share, that side of me that I started to have great auditions. I fully embrace my range as an artist now and am looking forward to sharing the full gamut with the world.”

Table Manners airs in 2015.

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