Kuester Management Group Shares Secrets for Dealing with HOA Complaints

September 22 15:50 2014
Kuester Management Group, an association management team serving North and South Carolina, reveals some strategies for dealing with homeowner complaints.

Though members of an HOA Board typically work hard to preserve community standards, owners within the Association do not always appreciate or understand these efforts. In any community, there are bound to be complaints that arise, whether frequently or infrequently. For members of the HOA Board, hearing these complaints can be dispiriting, yet it is important to be thoughtful and delicate in responding to them. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group reveals some tips for those Board members looking to more effectively address homeowner complaints.

“The most important aspect of handling complaints is to actually have a policy in place,” states Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Generally speaking, it is best to only address complaints that are submitted formally, in writing—unless there is some kind of emergency scenario. If you spend time talking with every person who approaches you with an ill word, it can become tedious and counterproductive.”

Kuester also recommends that Board members assume the best about those who complain. “Are some of these owners going to be needlessly negative, or nasty just for the sake of being nasty? Sure,” he comments. “The majority of the time, though, these are folks who really want what’s best for the community, and you have to respect that. Additionally, keep in mind that some complaints may stem from the Board’s lack of clear communication.”

Clear communication is another key in complaint management, Kuester says. “Make sure that you communicate clearly what your Board is doing, and why you think it is best for the community,” he remarks. “If you have transparency, it shows that you are well-intentioned, and it prevents complaints that really stem from fundamental misunderstanding.”

Sometimes the Board may deem it appropriate to send one member to meet with a complaining owner one-on-one. Kuester recommends that this be done in a neutral setting somewhere. “Keep your emotions in check and evaluate whether the complaint has any merits to bring back to the Board for discussion,” he says. “Don’t make promises or suggest compromises that you cannot follow through with.”

To learn more about practical issues related to HOA management, Board members are invited to visit Kuester Management Group at www.kuester.com.


Kuester Management Group, a division of Kuester Companies, works to protect property values and enhance the quality of life in each of its managed communities. Providing a full range of association management services, Kuester Management Group has worked to foster strong, resilient, and unified communities across North and South Carolina. The company’s many services include back-office and administrative functions, horticulture, accounting, legal services, emergency response and repair services, and beyond. The company is proud to offer on-site property managers, all zealous for building strong communities meant to stand the test of time. More information is available at www.kuester.com.

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