London Based Authors Set To Raise £15,000 Through Crowdfunding On Kickstarter

September 25 07:02 2014

Upcoming authors Shoonyo and Asha have launched a Kickstarter funding campaign 22-Sept-2014. They aim to raise a minimum of £15,000 to launch this unique publication in 2015. The co-authors have recently been conducting public talks to explore the importance of different paths of self-discovery in today’s world. Through storytelling the book draws on the similarities between Eastern and Western wisdom, martial arts, Zen, psychology and ontology. The story brings out the relevance of these teachings in contemporary living situations.

The money raised is to go towards printing and publishing. A large part of this funding will be returned to backers as rewards. The rewards range from an e-copy of the book, to a meditation retreat. Asha, the co-author said, “The book takes readers on a journey, it invites them to see things profoundly. Like looking into a mirror, the characters enable readers to see themselves more clearly, to have insightful moments and to be drawn in by the excitingness of the story.”

When asked what would they do if the funding amount exceeds the target, Shoonyo, creative director and co-author was quoted saying: “We have a few perks lined up for the backers and if we cross the threshold, we’d love to make the book more widely accessible by translation into multiple languages and into braille.”

You can view the project here

About the authors: 

Shoonyo is an international corporate professional – turned writer. He has run meditation retreats and public talks in three countries discussing Zen and Advaita. After years of delving into the wisdom of various disciplines he itched to contribute something to the world greater than his professionalism. Leaving his corporate career behind, he acted with conviction on what was a profound calling to formulate his knowledge in the form of this book.

Asha is a multi-lingual law-graduate, whose passion for writing has extended to publishing travel stories, an enticing food blog and online articles that encourage innovative perspectives. Asha’s penchant for exploring new horizons has seen her travel solo around the globe and be shortlisted for ‘the best job in the world’. Being invited to co-author this book answers a question Asha is still looking for. 

Spiritual fiction “Looking for the Obvious”

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