Maid Exposes Torture Tales of MP’s Wife

November 08 06:44 2013

bspNovember 8 – One after the other, chilling accounts related with Dr. Jagriti Singh’s cruelty are coming out and in this sequence, a shocking revelation has come forward by Meena Sardar – who was another maid at MP’s residence at South Avenue.

While recounting the horror, Meena disclosed that sometimes Jagriti compelled her to eat similar to that of a dog. The domestic help added further that she was forced to consume her food by licking since she was not supposed to use her hands. As per cops claim, MP’s better half jumped on the chest of Rakhi, which might be a strong reason behind her untimely death. As per sources, to torture more, Jagriti cut hair of Rakhi.

In view of the fact that Meena too have severe injuries and one of her bones is broken, she might have to stay in hospital only. As per the latest information, Delhi police has arrived at RML hospital to collect body of Rakhi and from there they would take it for the postmortem. A question arises here, will Rakhi get justice or people will forget the incident as similar to several other forgotten stories?