Meditation Imperative to Keep Mind Cool, Says Research

September 23 15:06 2014

yogaNew Delhi, Tuesday, September 23 – Benefits of meditation have always been explained by our elders. In fact, several researches in the past also put its advantages in plain words. And now, a recent study once again cited profits of meditating and exercising that should be done at least 4 to 5 times in a week.

‘Meditation is an art. The more one learns, the more he enjoys. Nothing could be better than meditating in a peaceful environment. If done regularly being close to nature then amazingly brilliant results are likely to be witnessed, and that too, within short span of time. It helps in making people calm even though things around them aren’t in favor or going well’, said the study.

If truth be told, this could be termed best medicine for mind, which gets utmost relaxation and power to think good aspects of life, people and a number of challenges post meditation. Those who meditate on a daily basis are calm and composed as compared to those who don’t. The practice of meditating leaves people with sharp memory, putting a ceiling on unwanted stress and untimely health risks.

‘Despite the fact that best time to meditate is early hours, it is not possible for the majority to take out quality time for this thanks to various office and domestic chores. Instead of not doing anything, it would be far better to meditate whenever one finds few minutes for it from his tight schedules’, the research mentioned further.