MYSTROS Celebrates 15 years of service to Houston TX

September 24 03:08 2014

Eros and Nikki Shaw
September marks the month of the fifteenth anniversary of MYSTROS – the barber shop and academy.

Houston, TX, USA (September 23, 2014)(HPT Media) — September marks the month of the fifteenth anniversary of MYSTROS – the barber shop and academy. Eros Shaw had a vision to better his fellow man; not only aesthetically but spiritually as well. Clients, students and employees alike have rarely seen the MYSTROS door closed. With an open door unwritten policy Eros Shaw, his wife Nikki, and his team of business minded cohorts independently built a safe haven for people looking for a second career, a second chance, or way out of a lifestyle that degenerated the community.

This philosophy of Eros Shaw is anchored in love and decorum. It takes compassion to build a person, and through the platform of MYSTROS, Eros Shaw and his team have built up the community through clean shaves, refined haircuts, and top of the line beauty products for the entire family. The MYSTROS philosophy is driven even further through its barber academy. Students are learning the latest in curriculum in innovative barbering. Beginning with theory and concluding is application, anyone with the desire to barber can come and acquire an education that spans over the next nine months.

Recently, MYSTROS Barber Academy became a subsidiary of International S.K.I.L.L.S. This groundbreaking conglomeration has now opened the door wider for students who may not have the full tuition to acquire the certification. Not only is it a tax write-off (because all revenue is purposed for the 501c3 status), but D.A.R.S and Veterans Assistance programs may cover 100% of the tuition for those qualify.

In 1999 MYSTROS began with the business of barbering. Today it is a conglomerate featuring a booming business, an academy, and a non-profit organization. The MYSTROS appendages reach into the heart of Houston living; touching every sector from real estate to education. In celebration of fifteen years of dedicated service, MYSTROS extends the hand of friendship to the country in its continued effort to build communities through love and decorum. Visit for more information about the barber shop. Visit for more information about the academy. Visit for more information about the non-profit organization.

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