Narendra Modi’s Heart Winning Speech at Madison Square Garden Spellbinds the Crowd

September 29 13:29 2014

modi newNew Delhi, Monday, September 29 – It wouldn’t be wrong to say that young generations got to witness an excellent speech by Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi at Madison Square Garden, New York, on Sunday what they probably wouldn’t have observed in the earlier years by any top leader.

Kavita Krishnamurti sung the song ‘Vaishnav Jan To’ in the opening ceremony.  The ‘fusion version’ of the song delighted everyone. Alongside her, attention was fetched by an artist who painted an amazing picture of PM Modi on the canvas. Gujarati folk dance was also presented by the dancers, who were dressed in colorful traditional outfits.

An energetic speech by the PM, whose governance has given birth to a number of hopes amongst the general public, spellbound the crowd. Craze to see and hear Modi was high and this could be understood by the fact that massive gathering appeared a few hours prior to scheduled time. Everyone was making attempts to at least have a glimpse of Modi as early as possible.

Several Indian-American Modi fans and supporter of Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) kept on chanting ‘Modi, Modi’ while the Prime Minister was giving a power-packed speech. In view of the fact that audiences were able to connect themselves with the lines the new PM mentioned, a different sort of excitement was visible amongst them.

The ‘nation hero’ Modi was easily able to win millions of hearts through his way of expressing difficult things in the simplest manner. If truth be told, in past few years, the masses were hardly excited to take note of any politician and his speeches. A lot of political parties would definitely take time to understand about the magic of ‘Modi’. His charismatic personality and incredible speech grabbed eyeballs and that too, without making any intentional efforts.

Indian tricolour was carried by almost all the people present inside the giant hall. The huge turn out was adequate enough to tell about Modi’s popularity in the foreign nation. The audience burst into laughter the moment Modi said we now play with ‘mouse’ instead of snake that is totally different from what ancestors did.

He even thanked to all those people who traveled several kilometers to India during election campaign. The key highlight of speech was – ‘we reached Mars at Rs 7 per km’. The total cost of the project was much smaller than a budget of Hollywood movie. Not only the live audience, but his speech was watched across the nation as most of the families stick to TV screens. In his longer but interesting speech, he talked about the cleanliness of river Ganga as well. In the nutshell, all the bigger issues were put forward on a bigger platform but in ‘easy to understand’ words. Modi’s charisma is likely to captivate others as well since he is probable to meet top CEOs soon today.