National history museum of art theft of Ivan Nuovo has been stolen

September 26 22:26 2014

Sep 20, 2014 – Russia – The news from blog of which is famous canvas prints China supplier shown with people that national history museum of art theft of Ivan Nuovo has been stolen by theft in the early morning of August 5. In this event, five famous landscape oil painting of famous painter Levitan were stolen and this museum need to face with this great lost.

The curator of the museum just said that two criminals smashed the glass and broke into the museum collection room and taken five Levitan paintings which had been hung on the wall in the morning. She estimated that these stolen painting of famous artist Levitan has the market value of about 2.16 million dollars.

According to the local police, in the process of stolen, the alarm system of this nation museum of Russia has sounded the alarm but the police failed to capture the criminal suspect. At present, the police of this state of Russia have to initiate an investigation.

The culture bureau chief of Ivan Nuovo state of Russia also she says that the museum’s warning system has been rebuilt in 2010 of museum of new installation. A year ago, there had someone who tried to break into the museum to steal but was blocked by the museum alarm system. In this year, the stealing case really occurs and it already caused into great lost to this museum.

As the introduction of editor from brushstrokers canvas prints, Levitan (1860-1900) is a 19th century Russia realism master of landscape painting and one of the members of the exhibition tour school. During all his life he created nearly 1000 works and most of these works have been collected in season moss Kurt column gallery. Levitan had short lived in 1888 at the city of this stolen museum and created 23 oil paintings during this period of time.

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