NEW BRAND, NEW COMMITMENT. RAYVISION-Our New Branding for fox renderfarm

September 19 01:20 2014
RAYVISION Inc. is an Oscar-winning post-production company and is one of the largest rendering service providers in the world—with more than 2,000 nodes of super computing power, and over 18,000 clients in 35 countries


As you know, in today’s dynamic markets, not many things stay the same and, sometimes, it’s essential to make changes in order to continue to progress. Well, we have done just that!

In the spirit of innovation, we are proud to announce that we have changed our name to “Rayvision”( from “Foxrenderfarm”.

New brand name, but same key commitments to our clients!

We may have changed our name but we haven’t changed our philosophy of always giving our best to our clients, which we have been doing for over 6 years, nor have we changed our powerful, rendering team.

We pride ourselves on having some of the most innovative, cutting-edge technologies in the markets we serve and will continue to be at the leading edge of our businesses.

We still have clients in 35+ countries, 1000+ projects and over 18,000 satisfied clients, and plan to maintain the kind of company where everyone knows everyone’s name, where employees are talented and loyal, and our clients are happy with us.

With this name change, we are renewing our long-term commitment to all things Rayvision. Each one of us will be dedicated to improving Rayvision, extending the company’s reach, and expanding its capabilities plus, importantly, making sure our Rayvision clients continue to be treated like royalty!

So…, same outlook, same commitments and skill sets, but new name:

Rayvision – proud to serve you.

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