Problems Increase for MP’s Wife Jagriti Post a Video Clip on Brutality

November 18 09:44 2013

bsp New Delhi, Monday, November 18 – The entire nation woke up with shocking news a few days ago when brutality of an MP’s wife towards domestic helps came into light. Not to forget, Dr. Jagriti Singh, wife of Dhananjay Singh, who is a BSP MP and represents Jaunpur district of UP in Lok Sabha, was taken into the custody for allegedly torturing a maid – Rakhi Bhadra – to death and cruelly abusing a minor for nearly one year.

Now, problem for Jagriti has increased in view of the fact that investigators looking into maid’s untimely death have discovered a video wherein she is directing dog tricks to Rakhi. As per the latest reports by the sources, the video uncovers Jagriti as a cruel individual since she is seen with an iron rod in the clip and orders her domestic help to sit, kneel down and creep as similar to that of a dog on the floor.

The video also demonstrates clearly about Jagriti’s violent attitude towards domestic helps. The cops intend to submit the video clip in the court as proof of Jagriti cruelty that made Rakhi to breathe her last at a young age. As per reports, Jagriti used to beat her workers with sticks and tortured them brutally.