Proper Rest Vital to Beat Unwanted Stress, Says Research

September 26 17:34 2014

sleep2New Delhi, Friday, September 26 – Taking tension unnecessarily is one of the common behaviors of several people. Instead of fixing the problem, some persons like to exaggerate the issue, making it look unsolvable. According to a latest research, a number of inhabitants love to sound busy. And this is the reason why all attention is poured to solve problems in the most complicated ways, leaving mind absolutely restless.

‘Rest is vital. Experts suggest 6 to 8 hours of sleep to give mind utmost relaxation at the end of the day. Those who compromise with their sleeping hours are more likely to stay under pressure as compared to those who don’t. Inappropriate sleep gives birth to frustration, which has its own disadvantages’ said the study.

Complete rest during the weekend can also be fruitful in several ways but only when various domestic and household chores are kept at the bay at least for a day. Proper planning of how to deal with multiple tasks during holidays adds to the comfort, the study mentioned further.