Rayvision Stands Out as the Most Dependable Remote Rendering and Cloud Render Service

September 25 07:10 2014
Rayvision Inc. offers high performance remote rendering and cloud render service to all types of projects.

Rayvision Inc., the internet technology enterprise, is offering remote rendering and cloud rendering service that has the largest number of users. The company is known for their ability to deliver super-computing performance to projects of all types and sizes.

Rayvision Inc. was the first enterprise in China to offer a crowd rendering platform in 2010. They provide high-speed data transmission using the powerful Aspera engine, which makes uploading and downloading of files super quick and effortless. The data is encrypted during the transmission process, thus ensuring the highest level of security of client information.  

“We have gained the trust and praise of the industry ever since we launched our services in 2010,” says the spokesperson for the company while highlighting the unique features that endear them to their clients. “We have been offering stable operations for over three years and continue to successfully provide solid support to the most mainstream CG production software available on the market. Our innovative and high-quality services make us the automatic first choice of customers looking for high-performance remote rendering.”

Rayvision Inc.’s range of services includes remote rendering and custom designed render farms for computer graphic professionals. High security is one of the key features of their cloud rendering service. Storage of data is done in an isolated location and access is provided through a stringent user authentication process. The machine rooms are secured using state-of-the-art systems. The company complies with the safety standards of MPAA and ISO.

The high-performance storage system is another asset of their rendering service. Source files of users are stored in pure SSD raids. The system assures fast loading and is designed to by-pass the usual bottlenecks that plaque the industry.  

Rayvision has managed to simplify the very complex process of cloud rendering with their expertise. The plugin open source feature makes it convenient for users to customize it to align with their workflow. Rayvision clients can have the ability to control render resources working on their project and are able to manage their project costs and render delivery.

The high-tech scheduling engine is unique to Rayvision and makes it possible for them to manage millions of rendered frames and hundreds of render node machines with absolute ease. The system is designed to identify the software plug-in in user files automatically and can seamlessly match it to corresponding node machines.

Rayvision remote rendering service supports Cinema 4D, Blender, 3DS Max, Maya and Softimage, among others. The company is committed to provide global users with highly exceptional, stable, and dependable cloud rendering service.

For more information, visit www.rayvision.com/en

About Rayvision Inc:

Shenzhen Rayvision Inc. is a leading internet technology company that specializes in offering high-performance remote rendering and cloud-rendering services. The company also offers custom-designed render farms for computer graphics professionals. Their clients include DreamWorks, SKG, and other celebrated pictures animation companies, and domestic mainstream CG animation production companies spread over 35 countries.

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