Safety of Girls – A Dire Need

November 14 08:56 2013

safetyNovember 14 – Girls have equal space on the earth as that of boys. They also breathe, smile, cry, work, play and travel as similar to other gender but why things turn different when it comes over their safety? In a male dominating society, life is not at all easy for women. No matter, what all steps one takes for providing a safe and secure place for existence to his daughter, he doesn’t find it at any corner of the world.

In a shocking incident in New Delhi on Monday, a school kid was locked by her teacher in a classroom post school hours. Teachers are known as real nation builders by educating pupils good lessons of life, along with moral education. But what happened in this case? The innocent minor, who is the student of class 5 in a recognized school of south Delhi, was molested by one of her teachers who reportedly touched the girl inappropriately. A million dollar question arises here – where is the safest place for the girls? One has to step out of the house for earning better education and if educational institutes would not be safe and sound, where will they go?

No one can forget the judgment day on September 13, 2013 when four convicts of December 16 rape case were awarded with death penalty. Damini case was actually the fight for justice and in-depth involvement of the common mob made culprits get severely punished. But men behavior did not even change after such a historical decision. Rape cases are as registered in the same numbers as they were reported previously. Incidents of child molestation are common in everyday life.

Every man can’t be blamed when mistakes are done by just a few people. But it is now hard to accept that a safer place for women survival is left. Whether we talk about parking areas of shopping malls, school & colleges, restaurant & hotels, office compounds and household premises, they are not secure anywhere. A mother can teach her girl child about protecting herself when the baby enters in her teens, but what to educate to a minor who can hardly differentiate between a touch with care and a touch with wrong intentions?

If men impart their role in keeping the country ahead, then role of women can’t be ignored in this regard. Why to make her mentally weak from her childhood stage. The male population needs to be self awaken. If they would be able to guard a few girls on ethical values, then things would be a tad better for females. Men should even gaze at their doings as well. It is good not to get involved in any unlawful activity. Avoid being a part of eve teasing and stand tall to protest against the same if you see someone else conducting it.

A self observation is much bigger. In fact, it is far better to scrutinize your own activities rather than others gazing at you. In case, if a man can’t give required safety to the girl child, then at least he shouldn’t be someone molesting her. Let them study and play. Lend a hand in their success. If their existence is not respected this time, consequences will be terrible in the coming future. Let us unite and fight against cruelty and bad attitude towards female populace of the country.