Save Your Child from Misleading Contents on Television

November 15 12:34 2013

tvFriday, November 15 – Parenting has become one of the toughest tasks at the present time. To guide kids seems a typical job now as they are smart enough to grasp maximum stuffs of their own, whether it is about mobile phone applications and selection over video games or television shows.

A few years back, parents generally used to turn cautious as soon as their child entered in his/ her teen age. But scenario has completely changed at this time and become complicated as well. Now children aging between the age group of 4 to 8 are sufficiently witty and clever. They know how to operate laptops and mobile phones. Change in behavior has also been noticed as they get aggressive and stubborn when stopped for using the gadgets at an early stage.

Television shows also play major part behind their hostile attitude. It is because children copy the characters they love and act accordingly. Little girls are biggest copycats. They are maestro in applying lipsticks, eye liners and kajal. On the other hand, boys get attracted towards boyish things and create artificial tattoos on arms, pop up their collars and put on crazy skeleton accessories. If your child too shows similar symptom, then it’s the time to get awake of its ill-effects in future.

Accompany them when they are watching any TV show. Try to divert their minds towards news channels and healthy thoughts. Motivate for remembering at least 5 top new stories and allot a prize for clear pronunciation. Keep away your cell phones from their reach. A few steps would surely take them towards right direction from where they can properly focus more on studies and indoor-outdoor games.