Sleep Right & Wake Up Beautiful

November 18 04:56 2013

baby1Monday, November 18 – A good sleep in the best medicine for curing several diseases, which are caused due to improper sleeping habit. Health experts and doctors advise to have a sleep of 6 to 8 hours. Beside this, a power nap of 30 to 60 minutes is also advised during mid afternoon as it helps in reliving mental stress and sleepiness.

In fast running life, people have gone extremely busy with their work that it becomes difficult for them to go to bed without taking any sort of work pressure. To work on time is absolutely good but to get loaded with lots of unnecessary work is not praised. In fact, time should be managed in this way that entire work of the day gets completed within scheduled time and one can reach his home with no pending works on the table.

Housewives who have to accomplish all the domestic chores should also take care of their sleep. They shouldn’t get too busy with their children and husbands that it becomes hard for them to take out quality time to sleep. Distribution of time should ideally be done, keeping in mind complexities involved in various work.

Lack of sleep gives birth to several issues, such as, loss of memory, diminution in thinking and learning capability, increased chances of heart disease, heart attack, uneven heartbeat, heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. Sleep deprivation is also one of the biggest factors in causing biggest disasters on roads. Several deaths are caused due to accidents which is the resultant of drivers’ improper sleep. This is why a driver is always warned to have a nap of almost 6 hours before starting journey of the day.

• Remember Always to Wake Up Early : –

Sleep early and wake up early. If one adapts this mantra in life, things will become easier for him to handle every typical situation. If truth to be told, rising early in the morning fills unmatched energy in the body that is helpful in making mind refresh throughout the day.

• Eat Right and Be Fit : –

A good food habit is sufficient alone to deal with several health issues. Consumption of heavy food just before sleeping may cause disruptions at night for the reason that body has to be active once again for digesting the food properly. To avoid this, eat right and have just sufficient amount of eatables. Curd, banana and guava should not be eaten just before going to bed. However, a glass of warm milk is helpful in providing good sleep.

• Massage Your Feet : –

A feet massage of 5 to 10 minutes is good for health as it alleviates body pain and makes the vein feel refresh. As soon as pain is relived, body becomes ready to sleep well. Slightly warm oil is good for massaging feet. It provides comfort to the leg and fills mind with full of freshness.

• Keep Apart All Tensions : –

Tension is alone enough to kill sleep. It is recommended to forget all worries at night. Talk healthy and share happiness with all your loved ones. Sleep right for having rich concentration level, attention and alertness. This will help you be good in reasoning and problem solving approach.

• Sleep Enhances Beauty : –

An enthralling charm gets visible on the face when one wakes up after an appropriate sleep. Catch a wink as soon as work of the entire day gets accomplished. Beauty increases more when eyes, mind, body and soul feel refresh which is possible after completion of apposite sleep.