People Pray for Rain to Happen as Sunshine Turns Intense during Noon

June 08 16:11 2016

heatNew Delhi, Wednesday, June 8 – Weather in several parts of the country has made people reel under severe heat, which turns intolerable during peak afternoon. The harshness of sunlight restrict populace from coming out but urgency of some work should be held responsible for forcing them come outside and bear the brunt of hot weather.

If truth be told, duration of summer season seems getting big as rainy period is yet to come. If it lasts for long then only inhabitants will get a break from attack of heat waves and sweat. Summer heat of June is crippling several regions and a similar picture was observed in the earlier month too.

Commuters at airport, bus stands and railway stations were seen keen to search for shade to avoid coming under direct sunlight. More than expected travelers at metro stations are creating a chaos too.  Rising mercury has made many commute via metro trains as travel time gets completed under air conditioners. Congested coaches not even bother them. As per latest weather reports, maximum temperature today will be 42 while minimum temperature 30 degree Celsius.