Tomato Prices Tumble in Delhi

June 20 15:03 2016

tomatoNew Delhi, Monday, June 20 – Tomato prices come a tad down in the national capital recently, letting consumers notice the positive news.

Since the tomato being one of the common kitchen staples in most of the households, it was not easy for the homemakers to use its substitute to get desired tartness in the prepared food.

In case, they were able to achieve the taste with dried mango powder or tamarind paste, the bright red color was yet missing. Here is to describe that prices of tomato swelled all of a sudden in Delhi and other states, making it cost more than INR 60.

A steep fall was observed yesterday after a few vegetable vendors offered tomatoes at INR 40. Buyers were elated that they don’t have to leave red berry-type fruit in the market or compromise on the quantity any further. If rains hit crop producing regions too, it is likely that prices of other veggies come down too.