Swoosh, A Simple and Effective Answer to Contact Lens Cleaning, Launches a Kickstarter Campaign in October

September 19 23:05 2014

An award winning product development team has invented a revolutionary, first ever, contact lens case that safely cleans and disinfects contact lenses. This compact device can also make contacts more comfortable to wear while reducing the chance of infection.

Contact lenses have been around for decades. Constant improvements in design and materials have led to making them a popular and convenient solution for vision problems. Unfortunately, a crucial area of concern hadn’t been addressed until now. The Academy of Optometry reports that 41 percent of consumers never or almost never rub their lenses. As high as 90 percent fail to follow proper care instructions. After one recent case where a girl lost her sight as a result of poor contact lens hygiene, eye doctors are urging consumers to be vigilant about it. 

 “The problem”, says Mark Chepurny, the inventor, designer and a long time contact lens wearer “is not that people are unaware of the importance of keeping their lenses clean, but that the current way to clean contact lenses is completely impractical, time consuming and awkward. It’s the process that poses the problem.” 

Craig Benton, VP of business development, who has experienced multiple contact lens related eye infections  further adds, “Let’s be honest, the current process is primitive. I mean you’re not expected to clean your teeth, ears or other things with your finger, so why does this industry expect contact lens wearers to do it?”

Swoosh is a compact and travel friendly case that offers an easy and fast solution to assist in proper lens cleaning. All by doing nothing more than placing your lens in the case. Simply fill up each lens basket with a solution of choice, replace the lid, and turn on. The baskets rapidly reciprocate creating a powerful yet gentle agitation within the contact lens solution, safely and effectively cleaning the contact lenses. 

The lens baskets in Swoosh are easy to remove from the device itself, and very cost efficient to replace. This is important because the American Optometrist Association concludes that dirty contact lens cases are a subsequent cause of serious eye infections, and as such, recommends to replace lens cases every 3 months. 

“If you wear contact lenses, Swoosh is a must have. Your eyes are just too important. Says Mark. “Even if you’re diligent at cleaning and disinfecting your contacts, you can still benefit from Swoosh. Your contacts can never be too clean, adding another level of cleaning, especially when it takes no effort, is going to be of benefit. Your contacts will be that much more comfortable and your chance of getting an infection will be further reduced”. 

To get Swoosh to market, the team is turning to the community for support and launching a crowdfunding campaign in October. “We are hoping that the crowdfunding community will rally behind us because we need their help getting Swoosh to market and ultimately to the people who need it” says Craig.

Supporters can pledge their early support to the crowdfunding campaign by backing the Swoosh HeadTalker campaign

About the team: 

Mark Chepurny is an award winning designer and product developer with over 30 pending or issued patents. 

Craig Benton has many years of marketing and social media experience coupled with graphic and website design

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