Temperature Drops in the City; Experts Recommend Staying Inside

November 11 13:52 2013

winter New Delhi, November 11 – People of Delhi and NCR region are facing various problems like sneezing, coughing and respiratory issues. The problem rose acutely as soon as temperature fell all across the city and nearby areas. As compared to the previous year, winters arrived a little bit early herein.

Freezing and moist air, when spiced up with pollutants, exposes people to various sorts of seasonal infections, which are vastly associated with respiratory tract. Asthmatic bronchitis, severe cold and cough and troublesome breathing problems are at peak and every third person seems suffering from these health issues. As per recent reports, a noticeable augment in number of patients visiting hospitals and clinics has been noticed to seek medical assistance for eradicating these health issues as quickly as possible.

Since there has been an observable fall in temperature in past couple of weeks, residents of Delhi are choosing to cover themselves in sweaters, shawls and jackets. Blankets, comforters and quilts are taken out of the box to keep them warm during both day and night. Markets are adorned with warmer clothes to protect people against cold.

Health experts suggest people to stay inside and avoid sudden exposure to freezing air. In fact, one should try not to walk during early morning and evening. Bathing with warm water is also advised. Adding more to the statement, doctors guide patients to stay warm from head to toe. Rather than taking care of just chest and nearby areas, take a good care of ears, head, hand, stomach and feet. Try to keep them as warm as possible. Nutritious meals at regular intervals are guided as well. To stay away from chest congestion, say goodbye to chilled drinks and water at least for this season.

Experts’ guidelines are helpful in protecting the sufferers from number of respiratory issues. These can save people from severe cold, if followed aptly. Guard against dipping temperature will be helpful in saving people from trouble free winters, a season when probability of undergoing viral fever, cold & flu, soar throat, frostbite and hypothermia is at the peak.

Drop in temperature, slight fog in the morning and augment in pollution made the air in the city a bit freezing. In 5-day long festival of lights, Diwali, people burst crackers in great numbers. This is actually behind the foggy scenario during the sunup. Climate is expected to dip more in the coming weeks. Number of patients might increase too.