Temperature Falls, All Set to Go Down More in Coming Days

November 18 08:48 2013

coldNew Delhi, Monday, November 18 – Days and nights are getting colder bit by bit and it gets proved by 9.2 degrees Celsius temperature a day ago which forced the crowd to take out their woolen attires from the box. Although sunlight during the day made temperature of the surrounding a slight warmer, but chilly air compelled residents of Delhi NCR to put on warm clothes. More to the point, night was cold being almost 3 degrees below the normal temperature.

Coming days are anticipated to be a tad colder as of now. As per weather forecasters, probability of western disturbance, which might bring snow and rainfall to the hills by November 21, is not visible but temperature is anticipated to stay below 10 degrees. For today, lowest and highest temperatures are supposed to stay between 9 to 27 degrees, which are adequate enough to let citizens wear woolen garments during night as well as in the day. Slight fog in during the sunup is also visible.

People of the capital have been realizing the drop in temperature from past two weeks. Even a clear augment in number of patients visiting hospitals and personal clinics is observed, to seek medical assistance from doctors to cure coughing, sneezing and other respiratory issues as soon as possible.

Chances of viral fever, soar throat, cold & flu, frostbite and hypothermia are also up in the season. Doctors suggest people to keep themselves warm throughout the day and avoid using cold water for drinking, bathing, washing clothes and cleaning utensils. A little bit of extra care can save you from severe cold. Wrap up yourself in warmer woolens to kick winters that could freeze you from head to toe.