The Next Step in Virtual Reality ‘Oneirics’ Launches on Kickstarter to Give You Control Of Your Dreams

September 24 00:38 2014

San Francisco, CA – On September 22nd, Oneirics Electronics launched their newest product ‘Oneirics’ on Kickstarter, with the aim to bring lucid dreaming to the masses. Through the use of the Oneirics Trainer, Mask, and Diary, users can more easily enter the lucid dreaming state and record their experiences. 

“Oneirics is the next step in virtual reality. It is not just playing a game on a screen; Oneirics is a complete Universe where you can live, experiment and feel with all your senses.“ – Oneirics Team.

Rather than seeking traditional investment, Oneirics Electronics decided to turn to Kickstarter to involve dreaming enthusiasts in the creation of their product. The Kickstarter campaign will help finance the production of the Oneirics trainer, mask, and diary. 

The Oneirics trainer is a smart bluetooth bracelet that helps users recognize when they are dreaming, an important competent of entering a lucid dream. A lucid dream refers to the state when an individual is aware that they are dreaming, and therefore can manipulate the events of the dream. The smart bracelet helps dreamers identify the dreaming state, a step towards controlling it.  

The Oneirics mask uses artificial intelligence and eye-tracking sensors to monitor users throughout the nighttime dreaming cycle. In addition, it accepts input from the dreamer and coordinates with the Oneirics trainer to help the user realize that they are in the REM phase of their sleep cycle. The mask is designed to notify the dreamer at the precise time so that they can enter the lucid dreaming state.  

Finally, the Oneirics diary is that data hub for the trainer and mask products. It collects all the information regarding user sleeping habits, in addition to functioning as a diary. Dreamers can input notes regarding the dreams and indicate whether or not they were able to control them.  

The key to successful lucid dreaming is continuously working to both recognize that you are dreaming and then attempting to alter the dream. These three products help users accomplish this task.  

“We have finished the hardware development phase, the hardest phase in a project with these characteristics. The housing cases of the Mask and of the Smart Bracelet are already finished. We have to finish the software development and the last final editing of the firmware.” – Oneirics Team. 

The Oneirics project will run until October 23rd, during which time, in exchange for supporting the project, lucid dreaming enthusiasts have the opportunity to receive ‘perks’ or ‘rewards’ ranging from an exclusive Oneirics totem set to one of the three Oneirics products mentioned above.

For more information, check out the project here or contact the creators below. 


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