Three factors which people need to know before the selection for the home decorated canvas prints

September 26 23:23 2014

Determining the size of the canvas printed painting

The selection for the size of the canvas prints should base on room features the size of the furniture. For example, if people want to choose the canvas prints for sitting room, the height of the oil painting should be 50 to 80 centimeters and the length of the canvas print need to base on the length of wall or the furniture. The length should not be usually less than two-thirds of the wholly length of main body furniture. If the sofa is 2 meters long, the overall length of the canvas print should be 1.4 meters. For these small kitchens, toilet and others, the famous China stretched photo canvas prints hopes people can choose the canvas which has height of 30 cm of small decorative painting. If the wall has space enough and people want to highlight the artistic effect, they had better choose big size canvas prints which will let the effect become more prominent.

Determine the style of the canvas print

If people’s room style belongs to traditional China, they should be better chooses the canvas print with the gentleness personality such as landscape and plants. For the Europe style of room, the decoration oil painting can be any kinds of styles. There is also some factors which each house owner should note. If the indoor area of the room is too small, people had better choose the oil painting with the classical pattern such as still life, flowers, and others. Please note that the abstract painting is not suitable for the space because the abstract oil paintings have tension which can let a little space appear more oppressive feeling. That is why the abstract oil painting is more suitable to put in the sitting room with larger area.

Determine the main color of the canvas print

Because the main role of the canvas print from canvas prints China factory should be the regulating for bedroom atmosphere so it need to contrast with the environment atmosphere. From this perspective, this product will be mainly affected by the body of the room’s tonal and seasonal factors. From the point of the room’s color tonal, it could be generally divided into white, warm and cold tonal. The white color room does not have any adornment for the canvas prints’ color selection. Furthermore, the warm color and cool color room have many restrictions for choosing the main color of canvas prints. If the room is warm yellow, the best choice should be the blue, green and other cool color canvas prints. From the point of seasonal factors, oil painting should be the most convenient decorated objects which could help to regulate the temperature. The warm color canvas should be suitable for winter.

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