Will Increase in Delhi Circle Rates Affect Buyers Outlook to Buy Home?

September 25 18:07 2014

home buildingNew Delhi, Thursday, September 25 – A home is what every human being needs for smooth survival on the planet. In past few years, the biggest challenge in front of the common man is to buy an apartment at an affordable price and get quick possession of the same within definite time frame. In view of the fact that circle rates went up by 20 percent in Delhi, registering a property is not gonna be easy for several families.

Since people eye for homes that can be bought at as lowest as possible, the new decision of rate hike is surely gonna dampen their sentiment that will further have an effect on housing market. As per recent available reports, the masses now prefer to stay in rented apartments rather than splurging on home thanks to rising rates what they can afford at any cost. ‘If situation remains likewise, huge drop might be observed in the purchasing of flats in the next few days’, said a property dealer.