Working too Long at Laptop Can Affect Health, Says Study

September 25 17:59 2014

computer 3New Delhi, Thursday, September 25 – With the changing time and demand of new job roles in various sectors, which ask employees to sit in front of computers, people are left with no option but to spend almost 8 to 9 long hours staring at a bright screen.

The problem increases when children get addicted to play online games on computers or laptops. Since kids enter in phase of growing with each passing year, playing games for more than a few hours while sitting at a particular place might end up with horrifying results in the long run, said a latest study.

Apart from suffering with the problem of dry eyes, people may feel intense pain in the head. Despite the fact that technology tools probably emit low levels of radiation but yet could show hazardous effect on health in the near future, it added further.